Purple will look good on you!

Hey Way Forwarders,

 Most of us choose to wear black and white, the staple colors, to create a simple but sophisticated look. Even me! If anyone were to check out my wardrobe, they would see that 85% of my clothes are black. However, sometimes adding color to your fit can elevate it more than you think! Recently we came out with more colors of our basic tees and purple is one of the new colors! Obviously its not everyone's cup of tea but why not try it out?

Imagine this: Its mid spring, the weather is windy but warm, and you don’t feel like spending time inside your house. You want to get out, go to Central Park with your friends, and just spend quality time. You wear a purple tee with off white pants, some sneakers, and maybe even a hat. I promise you that people will pay attention to your beautiful purple tee because it will brighten you whole outfit and even compliment the warm weather and sunshine. So, don’t be hesitant to try new and bright colors, because you might love it! ALSO, don’t forget that you're gonna have a handmade embroidery with your choice of design. How cool is that?

Anyways, check out our stunning customer who's wearing our purple tee so you get get inspired too:) 






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